Commit a3156f54 authored by Aniq Ur Rahman's avatar Aniq Ur Rahman

Added the handle messages for P7 DL messages at PNF

parent 9a4a1f60
......@@ -47,11 +47,14 @@ sudo <oai_codebase>/cmake_targets/ran_build/build/nr-softmodem -O <oai_codebase>
* `ul_dci_request` [x]
* `tx_data_request` [x]
* `nfapi_p7_message_unpack()` is called in `pnf_handle_dl_config_request()` in pnf_p7.c, so we need to add
* `pnf_handle_dl_tti_request`
* `pnf_handle_ul_tti_request`
* `pnf_handle_ul_dci_request`
* `pnf_handle_tx_data_request`
* `pnf_handle_dl_tti_request` [x]
* `pnf_handle_ul_tti_request` [x]
* `pnf_handle_ul_dci_request` [x]
* `pnf_handle_tx_data_request`[x]
to handle DL P7 messages at pnf
* Added allocate and deallocate functions for all P7 DL messages in `pnf_p7.c`
* Added `is_nr_p7_request_in_window()` fn in `pnf_p7.c` that is called in P7 message handle fns
### Task-C
* Write the `ul_tti` alternative for `nfapi_vnf_p7_ul_config_req()` in `vnf_p7_interface.c` and other such functions.
* `dl_tti` is present as `nr_dl_config` [x]
......@@ -1012,7 +1012,6 @@ typedef struct {
uint16_t SFN;
/// Slot number (0-319)
uint16_t Slot;
uint16_t sfn_slot;
nfapi_nr_dl_tti_request_body_t dl_tti_request_body;
nfapi_vendor_extension_tlv_t vendor_extension;
} nfapi_nr_dl_tti_request_t;
......@@ -29,13 +29,21 @@
typedef struct {
uint16_t dl_conf_ontime;
uint16_t dl_tti_ontime;
uint16_t dl_conf_late;
uint16_t dl_tti_late;
uint16_t ul_conf_ontime;
uint16_t ul_tti_ontime;
uint16_t ul_conf_late;
uint16_t ul_tti_late;
uint16_t hi_dci0_ontime;
uint16_t hi_dci0_late;
uint16_t ul_dci_ontime;
uint16_t ul_dci_late;
uint16_t tx_ontime;
uint16_t tx_late;
uint16_t tx_data_ontime;
uint16_t tx_data_late;
} pnf_p7_stats_t;
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