Commit 25af68d3 authored by David Price's avatar David Price
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parent 7382d913
......@@ -1316,7 +1316,7 @@ void fill_nfapi_dlsch_config(eNB_MAC_INST *eNB,
LOG_D(MAC,"Filled DL_CONFIG_PDU - DLSCH - dl_req->number_pdu:%d\n", dl_req->number_pdu);
LOG_D(MAC,"Filled DL_CONFIG_PDU - DLSCH - dl_req->number_pdu:%d pdu_index:%d\n", dl_req->number_pdu, pdu_index);
uint16_t fill_nfapi_tx_req(nfapi_tx_request_body_t *tx_req_body,uint16_t absSF,uint16_t pdu_length, uint16_t pdu_index, uint8_t *pdu)
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