Commit 80c80bb5 authored by knopp's avatar knopp
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bug fixes for monolithic eNB target

parent 89ad7c70
......@@ -1474,6 +1474,7 @@ void fill_rf_config(RU_t *ru,const char *rf_config_file) {
cfg->tx_bw = 1.5e6;
cfg->rx_bw = 1.5e6;
else AssertFatal(1==0,"Unknown N_RB_DL %d\n",fp->N_RB_DL);
if (fp->frame_type==TDD)
cfg->duplex_mode = duplex_mode_TDD;
......@@ -1494,7 +1495,7 @@ void fill_rf_config(RU_t *ru,const char *rf_config_file) {
cfg->rx_gain[i] = (double)fp->att_rx;
cfg->configFilename = rf_config_file;
printf("channel %d, Setting tx_gain %f, rx_gain %f, tx_freq %f, rx_freq %f\n",
printf("channel %d, Setting tx_gain offset %f, rx_gain offset %f, tx_freq %f, rx_freq %f\n",
i, cfg->tx_gain[i],
......@@ -1671,7 +1672,7 @@ void init_RU(const char *rf_config_file) {
// read in configuration file)
printf("configuring RU from file\n");
printf("number of L1 instaces %d, number of RU %d\n",RC.nb_L1_inst,RC.nb_RU);
printf("number of L1 instances %d, number of RU %d\n",RC.nb_L1_inst,RC.nb_RU);
for (i=0;i<RC.nb_L1_inst;i++)
for (CC_id=0;CC_id<RC.nb_CC[i];CC_id++) RC.eNB[i][CC_id]->num_RU=0;
......@@ -1685,9 +1686,14 @@ void init_RU(const char *rf_config_file) {
eNB0 = ru->eNB_list[0];
if ((ru->function != RRU_IF5) || (ru->function != RRU_if4p5))
AssertFatal(eNB0!=NULL,"eNB0 is null!\n");
if (eNB0) memcpy((void*)&ru->frame_parms,(void*)&eNB0->frame_parms,sizeof(LTE_DL_FRAME_PARMS));
if (eNB0) {
LOG_I(PHY,"Copying frame parms from eNB %d to ru %d\n",eNB0->Mod_id,ru->idx);
// attach all RU to all eNBs in its list/
for (i=0;i<ru->num_eNB;i++) {
eNB0 = ru->eNB_list[i];
......@@ -1754,7 +1760,7 @@ void init_RU(const char *rf_config_file) {
ru->fh_south_in = rx_rf; // local synchronous RF RX
ru->fh_south_out = tx_rf; // local synchronous RF TX
ru->start_rf = start_rf; // need to start the local RF interface
printf("configuring RRU for ru_id %d (start_rf %p)\n",ru_id,start_rf);
printf("configuring ru_id %d (start_rf %p)\n",ru_id,start_rf);
ru->ifdevice.configure_rru = configure_rru;
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