Commit ff9f54e1 authored by Elena Lukashova's avatar Elena Lukashova
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Removing eraing llr and rxdataF_comp1 from lte_phy_scope_tm4.c

The way it was done was confusing.
However, now rank adaptation (if enabled) is not visualized correctly.
parent dd8eb290
...@@ -815,14 +815,16 @@ void phy_scope_UE(FD_lte_phy_scope_ue *form, ...@@ -815,14 +815,16 @@ void phy_scope_UE(FD_lte_phy_scope_ue *form,
for (arx=0;arx<nb_antennas_rx;arx++) { for (arx=0;arx<nb_antennas_rx;arx++) {
free(chest_t_abs[arx]); free(chest_t_abs[arx]);
} }
if (phy_vars_ue->transmission_mode[eNB_id]==3 && phy_vars_ue->transmission_mode[eNB_id]==4){
//This is done to avoid plotting old data when TB0 is disabled, and TB1 is mapped onto CW0
/*if (phy_vars_ue->transmission_mode[eNB_id]==3 && phy_vars_ue->transmission_mode[eNB_id]==4){
for (int i = 0; i<8; ++i) for (int i = 0; i<8; ++i)
for (int j = 0; j < 7*2*frame_parms->N_RB_DL*12+4; ++j ) for (int j = 0; j < 7*2*frame_parms->N_RB_DL*12+4; ++j )
phy_vars_ue->pdsch_vars[subframe&0x1][eNB_id]->rxdataF_comp1[0][0][i][j]=0; phy_vars_ue->pdsch_vars[subframe&0x1][eNB_id]->rxdataF_comp1[0][0][i][j]=0;
for (int m=0; m<coded_bits_per_codeword1; ++m) for (int m=0; m<coded_bits_per_codeword1; ++m)
phy_vars_ue->pdsch_vars[subframe&0x1][eNB_id]->llr[1][m]=0; phy_vars_ue->pdsch_vars[subframe&0x1][eNB_id]->llr[0][m]=0;
} }*/
} }
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