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- Competition possible in the form of a poster presentation where solutions can be tested on, e.g., clothes description and graded by an "independent" jury
- Target platform: Raspberry Pi 4 with camera
### Audio support for navigating an obstacle course for visually impaired people
- Semester: S5
- Proposer: Chiara and Max
- Description: Navigating an obstacle course blindfolded, guided by audio feedback from video analysis of the scene.
- Involved courses/skills/knowledges:
* BasicOS: modify the camera device driver to adapt it to the project
* IntroArchi: optimize the camera device driver with some assembly coding of performance-critical sections
* SoundProc: a stereo audio signal is used to direct the person through the obstacle course. The signal is most intense on the side towards which the person has to turn and is the same on the right and left when going straight.
* ImProc: image processing to detect the perimeter of the course and the obstacles (e.g. cardboard boxes with markers, perimeter indicated by markers)
* ComProg: navigation algorithms, complexity evaluation, programming
* T3E: analysis of environmental, social and ethical dimensions, suggestions of improvement, evaluation plans...
- Competition: Finish the course in as little time as possible and with as few mistakes as possible (hitting an obstacle corresponds to a penalty).
- Target platform: Raspberry Pi 4, camera, stereo headphones
- Programming language(s): Simulink, MATLAB
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