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* The project studies and develops a generic statistical approach to the calibration of a computer simulator. It makes use of both frequentist and Bayesian statistical methods, the foundations of which are taught during the course. Any platform is fine with the project.
- InfoTheo
* InfoTheo -Théorie de l'information – Derya Malak S6, 42 hours
* In this project, the students will develop a background on the theoretical limits of communications and computation in networks. They will take a deeper look at the problems of source compression, rate-distortion and quantization, and source/channel coding, and distributed source compression to understand the fundamental limits.
* The project has applications to task-oriented communication and learning when communication networks are tailored for performing specific tasks, understanding fundamental coding rate limits for communication/computation, decentralized and federated learning, and sensing and connected robotics. The students can use any relevant platform, e.g., Matlab, python, for programming.
## Project proposals
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