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* The project consists of using Docker to virtualize a network with multiple hosts and create a cyber range, a controlled environment where cybersecurity professionals learn how to detect and mitigate cyber-attacks using the same equipment they will have in the real world. Finally, the student must act as a Red Team operator, breaching the security measures and providing a report on the vulnerabilities found. Any device that supports a version of GNU/Linux to run Docker is fine (even a Raspberry Pi >= 4).
- IntroDB
* Introduction to Data Bases, S6, Pasquale Lisena, 21 hours
* The project consist in realising a NoSQL database for a specific domain, crawling and harmonising data from different sources, and choosing the easier data structure for the specific broblems. The required platform would need to be compatible with MongoDB, Neo4j and Python. Memory can be a limitation to the choice of the platform, so I think the computers of the lab would be better.
- IntroSTATS
* Foundations of Statistical Inference, S6, Motonobu Kanagawa, 21 hours
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