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......@@ -18,6 +18,10 @@ Preparation work for the new S5 & S6 student projects
* Introduction to Operating Systems, S5, Ludovic Apvrille, 21 hours
* The project includes developping an application running closely with an Operating System (e.g., using syscalls directly, without the LibC), and adding new basic modules to the Operating Systems. Any target platform that supports a version of GNU/Linux >= 4 is fine for this.
- ComLab
* UE 1e-S5-SIGN :Traitement du signal appliqué, Florian Kaltenbenberger, 27h
* In this class we take an experimental approach to wireless digital communication. We will use a well-known software defined radio platform known as the USRP (universal software radio peripheral) to implement a simple digital wireless communication link.
## S6 courses
- IntroSTATS
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