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    nr: hack to remove UE data in gNB's PHY · 00e6a137
    Cedric Roux authored
    Some data remains in the PHY of the gNB after UE removal by
    upper layers. After some connection/deconnection/reconnection
    the gNB will exit because there is no free space in PHY.
    This commit adds some global variables shared by MAC and PHY.
    The function mac_remove_nr_ue puts UEs to be removed in it
    and the function rxtx removes what needs to be removed.
    This is a hack. It will be removed at some point in time.
    The real way to remove in the PHY should be to release
    data after some time of inactivity in the PHY, which would
    mean the UE has been removed in upper layers. Kind of
    timer-based thing. There should be no communication between
    PHY and MAC.