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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ STATUS 2020/09/10 : updated the status of interop (end to end UL/DL traffic)
7. [Log file monitoring](#log-file-monitoring)
6. [Required tools for debug](#required-tools-for-debug)
7. [Status of interoperability](#status-of-interoperability)
8. [CI integration](#ci-integration)
## Configuration Overview
......@@ -384,3 +385,13 @@ The following parts have been validated with FR1 COTS UE:
some packet losses might still occur even in ideal channel conditions
## CI integration
The automation scripts are available on ILIADE.
The end-to-end test is integrated in the CI flow in a semi-automated manner, comprising 3 steps:
- update a YAML file comprising the IT resources definition, branch and commit number the test has to run on
- run the python script that generates the test from the YAML file
- run the test
At the date of writing, the test comprises the deployment of the components (epc, eNB, gNB, cots ue) and the execution of 2 pings procedures (20 pings in 20sec, then 5 pings in 1sec)
This automation is run for every integration branch to be merged into develop.
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