Commit 37a2ce7d authored by sarma PVNP's avatar sarma PVNP Committed by sarma PVNP
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following coding guideline

fixing the RE offset for each Rx antenna in pusch channel estimation
parent 01141602
......@@ -158,6 +158,8 @@ int nr_pusch_channel_estimation(PHY_VARS_gNB *gNB,
for (aarx=0; aarx<gNB->frame_parms.nb_antennas_rx; aarx++) {
re_offset = k; /* Initializing the Resource element offset for each Rx antenna */
pil = (int16_t *)&pilot[0];
rxF = (int16_t *)&rxdataF[aarx][(symbol_offset+k+nushift)];
ul_ch = (int16_t *)&ul_ch_estimates[aarx][ch_offset];
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