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Adding Release Notes

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## [v1.2.2]( -> August 2020. ##
* Bug fix for supporting multi-antennas in RF simulator
## [v1.2.1]( -> February 2020. ##
* Bug fix for mutex lock for wake-up signal
......@@ -5,8 +5,9 @@ We want to make contributing to this project as easy and transparent as possible
Please refer to the steps described on our website: [How to contribute to OAI](
1. Sign and return a Contributor License Agreement to OAI team.
2. Create an account on [Eurecom GitLab Server](
3. Provide the identifiant of this account to the OAI team ( so you have developer rights on this repository.
2. We recommend that you provide us with a professional or student email address
2. Register on [Eurecom GitLab Server](
3. Provide the OAI team with the **username** of this account to ( ; we will give you the developer rights on this repository.
4. The policies are described in these wiki pages: [OAI Policies](
- PLEASE DO NOT FORK the OAI repository on your own Eurecom GitLab account. It just eats up space on our servers.
- You can fork onto another hosting system. But we will NOT accept a merge request from a forked repository.
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