Commit 6cc7e221 authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux
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nr: bugfix: set ul_valid_re_per_slot properly

After the UE disconnects, the next connection fails
because the gNB cannot decode Msg3. The root cause
seems to be this ul_valid_re_per_slot not set to 0.
Setting it before the test fixes the problem and
does not seem to impact anything else.
parent 00e6a137
......@@ -1147,10 +1147,10 @@ int nr_rx_pusch(PHY_VARS_gNB *gNB,
//--------------------- RBs extraction ---------------------
if (nb_re_pusch > 0) {
gNB->pusch_vars[ulsch_id]->ul_valid_re_per_slot[symbol] = nb_re_pusch;
if (nb_re_pusch > 0) {
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