Commit 89529d60 authored by Florian Kaltenberger's avatar Florian Kaltenberger
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chaning SNR computation in nr_pbchsim and changing test_case_list.xml accordingly

parent de3461c8
......@@ -1065,12 +1065,12 @@
<main_exec> $OPENAIR_DIR/targets/bin/nr_pbchsim.Rel15</main_exec>
<main_exec_args>-s-11 -S-10 -n1000 -R106
-s-11 -S-10 -n10 -I -R106
-s-11 -S-10 -n1000 -R217 -N10
-s-11 -S-10 -n10 -I -R217 -N10
-s-11 -S-10 -n1000 -R273 -N20
-s-11 -S-10 -n10 -I -R273 -N20</main_exec_args>
<main_exec_args>-s0 -S1 -n1000 -R106
-s0 -S1 -n10 -I -R106
-s0 -S1 -n1000 -R217 -N10
-s0 -S1 -n10 -I -R217 -N10
-s0 -S1 -n1000 -R273 -N20
-s0 -S1 -n10 -I -R273 -N20</main_exec_args>
<tags>nr_pbchsim.test1 nr_pbchsim.test2</tags>
<search_expr_true>PBCH test OK</search_expr_true>
<search_expr_false>segmentation fault|assertion|exiting|fatal</search_expr_false>
......@@ -510,9 +510,9 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
sigma2_dB = 10*log10((double)txlev)-SNR;
sigma2_dB = 20*log10((double)AMP/4)-SNR;
sigma2 = pow(10,sigma2_dB/10);
// printf("sigma2 %f (%f dB)\n",sigma2,sigma2_dB);
//printf("sigma2 %f (%f dB), tx_lev %f (%f dB)\n",sigma2,sigma2_dB,txlev,10*log10((double)txlev));
for (i=0; i<frame_parms->samples_per_subframe; i++) {
for (aa=0; aa<frame_parms->nb_antennas_rx; aa++) {
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