Commit bc73585d authored by Remi Hardy's avatar Remi Hardy
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Merge branch 'integration_2020_wk39' into 'develop', comprising :

MR 896 : Nsa remove band hardcodings  
Removes hardcodings of EUTRA and NR bands in UE_Capability_Enquiry and NR_UE Capability_Enquiry messages, providing them from the eNB config file and gNB over X2 respectively. Moreover, the SSB Absolute frequency of the gNB is now provided by the eNB configuration file (instead of being hardcoded at rrc_eNB.c)  

MR903 : pusch ta update  
Update of PUSCH Timing advance  

MR 900 : improve x2/rrc for ENDC  
This MR introduces several enhancements in X2AP and RRC to deal with ENDC. 
The main goal is to deal with UE's on/off and with various errors.
Includes :
- DC prep and DC overall X2 timers
- X2 messages for UE release and DC timers' timeout
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