Commit e97edafd authored by frtabu's avatar frtabu
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remove threadoffset option, doesn't seem to be defined in the develop code??

parent fdc1049a
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@
<testCase id="090104">
<desc>Initialize NR UE USRP</desc>
<Initialize_OAI_UE_args>--phy-test --usrp-args "addr=,second_addr=,clock_source=external,time_source=external" --ue-rxgain 75 --threadoffset 16 --rrc_config_path .</Initialize_OAI_UE_args>
<Initialize_OAI_UE_args>--phy-test --usrp-args "addr=,second_addr=,clock_source=external,time_source=external" --ue-rxgain 75 --rrc_config_path .</Initialize_OAI_UE_args>
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