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## Configuration Overview
* Non Standalone (NSA) configuration : initial Control Plane established between UE and RAN eNB, then User Plane established between UE and gNB, Core network is 4G based supporting rel 15
* Commercial UE: Oppo Reno 5G
* OAI Software Defined gNB and eNB
* eNB RF front end: USRP (ETTUS) B200 Mini or B210
* gNB RF front end: USRP (ETTUS) B200 Mini or B210 (N310 will be needed for MIMO and wider BW's)
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* BW: 40MHz
* Antenna scheme: SISO
Our code might not work with all 5G phones yet, but we are constantly improving it. Here is a list of COTS UEs that we know that work with OAI.
* Oppo Reno 5G
* Samsung A90 5G
* Google Pixel 5G
* Simcom SIMCOM8200EA
* Quectel RM500Q-GL
## Repository
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