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      bugfix: nr: free RA process when UE is removed · 1a5f10be
      Cedric Roux authored
      The bug was:
      connect a phone, disconnect, repeat five times. The fifth time the phone
      does not reconnect because there is no free RA process.
      When an UE is removed, we have to free associated RA processes.
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      Integration 2021 wk14 a · f0a1d0c2
      Remi Hardy authored
      MR !1111 : fix x2 without gnb  
      -fix x2 without gnb (that is: the eNB is running without gNB, then we must not switch the UE to NR)
      -exit gNB if eNB crashes (and exit eNB if gNB crashes)
      MR !1102 : nr rlc: bugfix: fix NACK with range 
      We do some sanity checks for incoming rlc control packets. One of them is to check that so_start is not > so_end when present.
      But when 'range' is present and bigger than 1 it means that so_start refers to one PDU and so_end to another one. So we may well have so_start > so_end.
      This MR fixes that and reorganizes a bit the code to do the check before processing and rejecting the PDU if the values are not correct. (Before this commit we were NACKing the whole PDUs if so_start > so_end.)
      MR !1096 : build_oai: Add --sanitize-address option
      -pass the -fsanitize=address option to the compiler which enables run-time checks for some kinds of memory mismanagement
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      Integration 2021 wk13 d · 91909a4b
      Remi Hardy authored
      MR !1085 : Nr mac ssb
      -MAC scheduling of multiple SSBs
      -Symbol level occupation of VRB map for SSBs
      -Multi SSB SIB1 scheduling
      MR !1097 : NR_PRACH: nr_du\[\] buffer not filled in High Speed case for both gNB and nrUE
      Issue: TC nr_prachsim failed with High Speed(-H) enabled.
      While generating NR PRACH for High Speed case : Array nr_du\[\] was not filled for both gNB and nrUE. Added function nr_fill_du() to resolve the issue. 
      MR !1107 : Small bugfixes for 5G NR
  9. 31 Mar, 2021 7 commits
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      pusch_proc_threads = 6 vs 8 · 0fe69eaf
      hardy authored
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      x2: exit if connection between eNB and gNB breaks · 6c6b4698
      Cedric Roux authored
      Before this commit, when the gNB crashes, the eNB keeps running.
      Same, if the eNB crashes, the gNB keeps running.
      In a far past when this happened, the other program (the one not
      crashing) was forced to exit.
      Then this behavior was changed, for some reason.
      But the code was not finished, so now we have a system in an inconsistent
      So either we accept that the connection between eNB and gNB can break,
      that is one of the programs crashes, and we clean the state of the
      program that keeps running. But this is a complex work and it will
      surely not survive very long, because someone will change something
      in the code later that will break this complex behavior.
      Or, simpler, we go back to initial behavior, which is: the program that
      did not crash does actually exit when the other crashes.
      This commit provides the second solution.
      It can easily be reverted whenever someone wants to implement the complex
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      fix: do NR only if at least one gNB is connected to the eNB · 46c1aff4
      Cedric Roux authored
      We used to set 'does_nr' of an UE if we detect ENDC supported in the
      UE capabilities.
      Then we activate NR measurements if 'does_nr' is true.
      The problem is that if the eNB is not connected to a gNB but the UE
      reports some NR measurements (because a gNB is running somewhere near)
      then the eNB will crash when starting the switch to NR.
      A (quick) solution is to set 'does_nr' only if there is a gNB connected to
      the eNB.
      Maybe not the best solution. To be changed if needed.
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      Integration 2021 wk13 c · 1f3513b1
      Remi Hardy authored
      MR !1092: Nr pdcp nia2 integrity
      This code has not been tested with a COTS UE. We need SRB1/2 (so we need SA) to test.
      The activation of security and integrity for SRB1 will need more code (new functions) because it happens after some time, not at creation time of the PDCP entity and there is no way to do this with current code.
      MR !1075: Fft bench hotfix 
      Simple fix to make the FFT testbench compile and run on current develop.
      MR !1083: NR power measurement fixes
  10. 30 Mar, 2021 8 commits