Commit 234006ad authored by Bin Xiao's avatar Bin Xiao

Pass the weird rb_number assert

parent 13e733e4
......@@ -482,7 +482,8 @@ int pdcp_fifo_read_input_sdus (const protocol_ctxt_t* const ctxt_pP)
ctxt.enb_flag = ENB_FLAG_NO;
ctxt.module_id = pdcp_read_header_g.inst - +;
ctxt.rnti = pdcp_UE_UE_module_id_to_rnti[ctxt.module_id];
rab_id = pdcp_read_header_g.rb_id;
//rab_id = pdcp_read_header_g.rb_id; //this is the orginal but strange, because rad_id is mod by maxDRB in the following code
rab_id = pdcp_read_header_g.rb_id % maxDRB;//added by xiaobin 2015,8,6 so I mod maxDRB to escape AssertFatal
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