Commit 6397e66c authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux
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bugfix: fix PCDP inst (again)

This commit follows 7d9945e8.

lte-softmodem UE in S1 and lte-softmodem UE in noS1 modes behave
differently here.

This commit fixes the issue for thoses cases.

Other cases (eNB S1, eNB noS1, oaisim S1/noS1) have to be checked.
parent 63c0ed70
......@@ -817,8 +817,13 @@ pdcp_data_ind(
#if defined(OAI_EMU)
((pdcp_data_ind_header_t*) new_sdu_p->data)->inst = ctxt_pP->module_id + -;
/* TODO: inst is 1 for the UE or do we keep 0? Seems to be 1 but not sure */
# if defined(ENABLE_USE_MME)
/* for the UE compiled in S1 mode, we need 1 here
* for the UE compiled in noS1 mode, we need 0
* TODO: be sure of this
((pdcp_data_ind_header_t*) new_sdu_p->data)->inst = 1;
# endif
} else {
((pdcp_data_ind_header_t*) new_sdu_p->data)->rb_id = rb_id + (ctxt_pP->module_id * maxDRB);
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