Commit 08036ccb authored by Duc Cao's avatar Duc Cao
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Update Dockerfile

parent c1a00ca5
......@@ -5,24 +5,31 @@ RUN apk update
RUN apk add --no-cache gcc musl-dev
RUN apk add make
VOLUME /configuration
VOLUME /configuration/lib
VOLUME /configuration/resources
VOLUME /default
COPY resources /default/resources
COPY lib/maltparser /default/lib/maltparser
COPY lib/wapiti_java /default/lib/wapiti_java
COPY lib/wapiti_models /default/lib/wapiti_models
COPY wapiti-1.5.0 /default/wapiti-1.5.0
#VOLUME /tmp
#VOLUME /configuration
#VOLUME /configuration/lib
#VOLUME /configuration/resources
#VOLUME /default
#COPY resources /default/resources
#COPY lib/maltparser /default/lib/maltparser
#COPY lib/wapiti_java /default/lib/wapiti_java
#COPY lib/wapiti_models /default/lib/wapiti_models
#COPY wapiti-1.5.0 /default/wapiti-1.5.0
RUN mkdir /default
WORKDIR /default
COPY lib lib
COPY resources resources
COPY wapiti-1.5.0 wapiti-1.5.0
RUN cd /default/wapiti-1.5.0 && make wapiti && cp wapiti /default/lib
ADD limsiSourceExtractor.jar limsiSourceExtractor.jar
COPY limsiSourceExtractor.jar limsiSourceExtractor.jar
RUN sh -c 'touch /limsiSourceExtractor.jar'
#RUN sh -c 'touch /limsiSourceExtractor.jar'
#ENV JAVA_OPTS="-Dspring.config.location=/configuration/"
#ENTRYPOINT [ "sh", "-c", "java $JAVA_OPTS -Dspring.config.location=/configuration/ -jar /limsiSourceExtractor.jar" ]
ENTRYPOINT exec java $JAVA_OPTS -Dspring.config.location=/configuration/ -jar /limsiSourceExtractor.jar
ENTRYPOINT exec java -jar /default/limsiSourceExtractor.jar
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