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#define modOrder(I_MCS,I_TBS) ((I_MCS-I_TBS)*2+2) // Find modulation order from I_TBS and I_MCS

/** \fn unsigned char I_TBS2I_MCS(unsigned char I_TBS);
\brief This function maps I_tbs to I_mcs according to Table in 3GPP TS 36.213 V8.6.0. Where there is two supported modulation orders for the same I_TBS then either high or low modulation is chosen by changing the equality of the two first comparisons in the if-else statement.
\param I_TBS Index of Transport Block Size
\return I_MCS given I_TBS
unsigned char I_TBS2I_MCS(unsigned char I_TBS);

/** \fn unsigned char SE2I_TBS(float SE,
32 33
        unsigned char N_PRB,
        unsigned char symbPerRB);
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\brief This function maps a requested throughput in number of bits to I_tbs. The throughput is calculated as a function of modulation order, RB allocation and number of symbols per RB. The mapping orginates in the "Transport block size table" (Table in 3GPP TS 36.213 V8.6.0)
\param SE Spectral Efficiency (before casting to integer, multiply by 1024, remember to divide result by 1024!)
\param N_PRB Number of PhysicalResourceBlocks allocated \sa lte_frame_parms->N_RB_DL
\param symbPerRB Number of symbols per resource block allocated to this channel
\return I_TBS given an SE and an N_PRB
unsigned char SE2I_TBS(float SE,
41 42
                       unsigned char N_PRB,
                       unsigned char symbPerRB);