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    Add testing capabilities for OAI UE in autotest framework · c3744650
    ROBERT Benoit authored
    Autotest Framework modifications:
    -> paramiko.Transport((hostname, ports)) : issue on my configuration
    -> add --test-suite command line parameter to select a different test suite XML file (default is test_case_list.xml)
    -> add patch file functionnality when installing remote machine : required to add LOG printing for pass/fail evaluation
    -> add lte-softmodem-noS1 test class - fork of lte-softmodem with the following modification
    	- no EPC management on lte-softmodem-noS1 class
    	- add cell synchronization detection as a precondition for test results analysis
    	- add metric extraction for pass/fail criteria (metrics are defined in XML file)
    	- generate graphics for performances metrics (used in the HTML report -> not available in this delivery)
    Patch files:
    -> autotest_ue_cell_synch_event.patch : Add log for cell synchronization detection
    -> autotest_ue_dlsch_bitrate_metric.patch : Add log for DLSCH bitrate capture
    -> 3gpplte_turbo_decoder_sse_8bit.patch : hotfix for turbo decoder in autotest (issue followed in oai1B project)
    -> phy_test__target_dl_mcs.patch : hotfix for --phy-test configuration (MCS)