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    rewrite synchronisation in oaisim/channel simulation · b904ce79
    Cedric Roux authored
    The idea is as follows.
    oaisim waits for all tasks to be done for a TTI.
    To do so it waits for last_rx_timestamp == current_rx_timestamp,
    for all UEs and eNBs.
    When it's done, it increases current_rx_timestamp by samples_per_tti,
    to inform UEs and eNBs that a new TTI is ready.
    In the functions [UE|eNB]_trx_read, we wait for a new TTI to be ready,
    that is we wait for current_rx_timestamp != last_rx_timestamp.
    The UE has also to wait for processing threads to be done.
    In the eNB it's not necessary because the processing is all
    done in one thread, that is: read subframe, process this subframe,
    emit subframe+4, and then back to read subframe.
    The code is not clean. We should not use usleep but semaphores.
    Also, do_[DL|UL]_sig should not read from rxdata and write to txdata,
    but use internal buffers.
    The functions [UE|eNB]_trx_read should call do_[DL|UL]_sig and then
    copy from the internal buffers of the channel simulator into rxdata.
    The functions [UE|eNB]_trx_write should write data passed into the
    internal buffers of the channel simulator.
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