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change in a comment

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......@@ -1076,8 +1076,8 @@ int wakeup_rxtx(eNB_proc_t *proc,eNB_rxtx_proc_t *proc_rxtx,LTE_DL_FRAME_PARMS *
// TS_rx is the last received timestamp (start of 1st slot), TS_tx is the desired
// transmitted timestamp of the next TX slot (first).
// The last (TS_rx mod samples_per_frame) was n*samples_per_tti,
// we want to generate subframe (n+3), so TS_tx = TX_rx+3*samples_per_tti,
// and proc->subframe_tx = proc->subframe_rx+3
// we want to generate subframe (n+4), so TS_tx = TX_rx+4*samples_per_tti,
// and proc->subframe_tx = proc->subframe_rx+4
proc_rxtx->timestamp_tx = proc->timestamp_rx + (4*fp->samples_per_tti);
proc_rxtx->frame_rx = proc->frame_rx;
proc_rxtx->subframe_rx = proc->subframe_rx;
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