Commit 3d64a195 authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux
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T: add a trace (random access downlink msg4)

parent a9262346
......@@ -644,6 +644,9 @@ void schedule_RA(module_id_t module_idP,frame_t frameP, sub_frame_t subframeP,un
T(T_ENB_MAC_UE_DL_PDU_WITH_DATA, T_INT(module_idP), T_INT(CC_id), T_INT(RA_template->rnti), T_INT(frameP), T_INT(subframeP),
T_INT(0 /*harq_pid always 0?*/), T_BUFFER(&eNB->UE_list.DLSCH_pdu[CC_id][0][UE_id].payload[0], TBsize));
if (opt_enabled==1) {
trace_pdu(1, (uint8_t *)eNB->UE_list.DLSCH_pdu[CC_id][0][(unsigned char)UE_id].payload[0],
rrc_sdu_length, UE_id, 3, UE_RNTI(module_idP, UE_id),
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