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Commit 42b834d6 authored by Sebastian Wagner's avatar Sebastian Wagner Committed by Bilel

Changes for 64qam_64qam for avx2

parent ba55fcac
......@@ -8831,15 +8831,8 @@ int dlsch_64qam_64qam_llr(LTE_DL_FRAME_PARMS *frame_parms,
len = (nb_rb*12) - pbch_pss_sss_adjust;
#if 0
qam64_qam64((short *)rxF,
(short *)rxF_i,
(short *)ch_mag,
(short *)ch_mag_i,
(short *)llr16,
(short *)rho,
//#ifdef __AVX2__
// Round length up to multiple of 16 words
uint32_t len256i = ((len+16)>>4)*16;
int32_t *rxF_256i = (int32_t*) malloc16_clear(len256i*4);
......@@ -8853,7 +8846,7 @@ int dlsch_64qam_64qam_llr(LTE_DL_FRAME_PARMS *frame_parms,
memcpy(ch_mag_256i, ch_mag, len*4);
memcpy(ch_mag_i_256i, ch_mag_i, len*4);
memcpy(rho_256i, rho, len*4);
qam64_qam64_avx2((int32_t *)rxF_256i,
(int32_t *)rxF_i_256i,
(int32_t *)ch_mag_256i,
......@@ -8861,13 +8854,34 @@ int dlsch_64qam_64qam_llr(LTE_DL_FRAME_PARMS *frame_parms,
(int16_t *)llr16,
(int32_t *) rho_256i,
qam64_qam16_avx2((short *)rxF_256i,
(short *)rxF_i_256i,
(short *)ch_mag_256i,
(short *)ch_mag_i_256i,
(short *)llr16,
(short *)rho_256i,
free16(rxF_256i, sizeof(rxF_256i));
free16(rxF_i_256i, sizeof(rxF_i_256i));
free16(ch_mag_256i, sizeof(ch_mag_256i));
free16(ch_mag_i_256i, sizeof(ch_mag_i_256i));
free16(rho_256i, sizeof(rho_256i));
qam64_qam64((short *)rxF,
(short *)rxF_i,
(short *)ch_mag,
(short *)ch_mag_i,
(short *)llr16,
(short *)rho,
llr16 += (6*len);
*llr16p = (short *)llr16;
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......@@ -704,6 +704,22 @@ void qam64_qam16(short *stream0_in,
short *rho01,
int length);
/** \brief This function computes the LLRs for ML (max-logsum approximation) dual-stream 64QAM/16QAM reception.
@param stream0_in Input from channel compensated (MR combined) stream 0
@param stream1_in Input from channel compensated (MR combined) stream 1
@param ch_mag Input from scaled channel magnitude square of h0'*g0
@param ch_mag_i Input from scaled channel magnitude square of h0'*g1
@param stream0_out Output from LLR unit for stream0
@param rho01 Cross-correlation between channels (MR combined)
@param length in complex channel outputs*/
void qam64_qam16_avx2(short *stream0_in,
short *stream1_in,
short *ch_mag,
short *ch_mag_i,
short *stream0_out,
short *rho01,
int length);
/** \brief This function perform LLR computation for dual-stream (64QAM/16QAM) transmission.
@param frame_parms Frame descriptor structure
@param rxdataF_comp Compensated channel output
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