Commit 4a2e77ac authored by Florian Kaltenberger's avatar Florian Kaltenberger
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fixing a bug related to harq rounds introduced in 6f889b30

parent 3728f374
......@@ -2057,7 +2057,7 @@ void process_HARQ_feedback(uint8_t UE_id,
// then Increment DLSCH round index
if (dlsch_harq_proc->round == 1/*dlsch->Mdlharq*/) {
if (dlsch_harq_proc->round == dlsch->Mdlharq) {
// This was the last round for DLSCH so reset round and increment l2_error counter
LOG_W(PHY,"[eNB %d][PDSCH %x/%d] DLSCH retransmissions exhausted, dropping packet\n",phy_vars_eNB->Mod_id,
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