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merge Calvin changes and add fixes

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......@@ -69,7 +69,9 @@ void ue_mac_reset(module_id_t module_idP,uint8_t eNB_index)
// cancel all pending SRs
//Set BSR Trigger Bmp and remove timer flags
UE_mac_inst[module_idP].BSR_reporting_active = BSR_TRIGGER_NONE;
// stop ongoing RACH procedure
......@@ -179,8 +181,13 @@ rrc_mac_config_req(
if (logicalChannelConfig->ul_SpecificParameters) {
UE_mac_inst[Mod_idP].scheduling_info.bucket_size[logicalChannelIdentity]=logicalChannelConfig->ul_SpecificParameters->prioritisedBitRate *
logicalChannelConfig->ul_SpecificParameters->bucketSizeDuration; // set the max bucket size
LOG_D(MAC,"[CONFIG][UE %d] LCID %d is attached to the LCGID %d\n",Mod_idP,logicalChannelIdentity,*logicalChannelConfig->ul_SpecificParameters->logicalChannelGroup);
if (logicalChannelConfig->ul_SpecificParameters->logicalChannelGroup != NULL) {
LOG_D(MAC,"[CONFIG][UE %d] LCID %d is attached to the LCGID %d\n",Mod_idP,logicalChannelIdentity,*logicalChannelConfig->ul_SpecificParameters->logicalChannelGroup);
else {
UE_mac_inst[Mod_idP].scheduling_info.LCGID[logicalChannelIdentity] = MAX_NUM_LCGID;
} else {
LOG_E(MAC,"[CONFIG][UE %d] LCID %d NULL ul_SpecificParameters\n",Mod_idP,logicalChannelIdentity);
mac_xface->macphy_exit("NULL ul_SpecificParameters");
......@@ -247,13 +254,14 @@ rrc_mac_config_req(
UE_mac_inst[Mod_idP].scheduling_info.periodicBSR_SF = MAC_UE_BSR_TIMER_NOT_RUNNING;
UE_mac_inst[Mod_idP].scheduling_info.retxBSR_SF = MAC_UE_BSR_TIMER_NOT_RUNNING;
UE_mac_inst[Mod_idP].BSR_reporting_active = 0;
UE_mac_inst[Mod_idP].BSR_reporting_active = BSR_TRIGGER_NONE;
LOG_D(MAC,"[UE %d]: periodic BSR %d (SF), retx BSR %d (SF)\n",
UE_mac_inst[Mod_idP].scheduling_info.drx_config = mac_MainConfig->drx_Config;
UE_mac_inst[Mod_idP].scheduling_info.phr_config = mac_MainConfig->phr_Config;
......@@ -133,6 +133,7 @@
/*!\brief maximum value for channel quality indicator */
#define MAX_CQI_VALUE 15
//if value equal oxFFFF means counters are NOT active
#define LCID_EMPTY 0
......@@ -336,6 +337,12 @@ typedef struct {
#define SHORT_BSR 29
/*!\brief LCID of long BSR for ULSCH */
#define LONG_BSR 30
/*!\bitmaps for BSR Triggers */
#define BSR_TRIGGER_NONE (0) /* No BSR Trigger */
#define BSR_TRIGGER_REGULAR (1) /* For Regular and ReTxBSR Expiry Triggers */
#define BSR_TRIGGER_PERIODIC (2) /* For BSR Periodic Timer Expiry Trigger */
#define BSR_TRIGGER_PADDING (4) /* For Padding BSR Trigger */
/*! \brief Downlink SCH PDU Structure */
typedef struct {
......@@ -947,10 +954,10 @@ typedef struct {
uint8_t BSR[MAX_NUM_LCGID]; // should be more for mesh topology
/// keep the number of bytes in rlc buffer for each lcgid
uint16_t BSR_bytes[MAX_NUM_LCGID];
#if 0 //calvin for BSR test,current buffer greater then previous one, or buffer from 0 to !0
/// after multiplexing buffer remain for each lcid
uint16_t LCID_buffer_remain[MAX_NUM_LCID];
/// sum of all lcid buffer size
uint16_t All_lcid_buffer_size_lastTTI;
/// buffer status for each lcid
uint8_t LCID_status[MAX_NUM_LCID];
/// SR pending as defined in 36.321
......@@ -1086,6 +1093,11 @@ typedef struct {
uint8_t power_backoff_db[NUMBER_OF_eNB_MAX];
/// BSR report falg management
uint8_t BSR_reporting_active;
/// retxBSR-Timer expires flag
uint8_t retxBSRTimer_expires_flag;
/// periodBSR-Timer expires flag
uint8_t periodBSRTimer_expires_flag;
/// MBSFN_Subframe Configuration
struct MBSFN_SubframeConfig *mbsfn_SubframeConfig[8]; // FIXME replace 8 by MAX_MBSFN_AREA?
/// number of subframe allocation pattern available for MBSFN sync area
......@@ -538,21 +538,6 @@ UE_L2_STATE_t ue_scheduler(
int cba_access(module_id_t module_idP,frame_t frameP,sub_frame_t subframe, uint8_t eNB_index,uint16_t buflen);
/*! \fn int get_bsr_lcgid (module_id_t module_idP);
\brief determine the lcgid for the bsr
\param[in] Mod_id instance of the UE
\param[out] lcgid
int get_bsr_lcgid (module_id_t module_idP);
/*! \fn uint8_t get_bsr_len (module_id_t module_idP,uint16_t bufflen);
\brief determine whether the bsr is short or long assuming that the MAC pdu is built
\param[in] Mod_id instance of the UE
\param[in] bufflen size of phy transport block
\param[out] bsr_len size of bsr control element
uint8_t get_bsr_len (module_id_t module_idP, uint8_t eNB_index,frame_t frameP,uint16_t buflen);
/*! \fn BSR_SHORT * get_bsr_short(module_id_t module_idP, uint8_t bsr_len)
\brief get short bsr level
\param[in] Mod_id instance of the UE
......@@ -569,13 +554,12 @@ BSR_SHORT *get_bsr_short(module_id_t module_idP, uint8_t bsr_len);
BSR_LONG * get_bsr_long(module_id_t module_idP, uint8_t bsr_len);
/*! \fn boolean_t update_bsr(module_id_t module_idP, frame_t frameP, uint8_t lcid)
/*! \fn boolean_t update_bsr(module_id_t module_idP, frame_t frameP,sub_frame_t subframeP)
\brief get the rlc stats and update the bsr level for each lcid
\param[in] Mod_id instance of the UE
\param[in] frame Frame index
\param[in] lcid logical channel identifier
boolean_t update_bsr(module_id_t module_idP, frame_t frameP, eNB_index_t eNB_index, uint8_t lcid, uint8_t lcgid);
boolean_t update_bsr(module_id_t module_idP, frame_t frameP, sub_frame_t subframeP,eNB_index_t eNB_index);
/*! \fn locate_BsrIndexByBufferSize (int *table, int size, int value)
\brief locate the BSR level in the table as defined in 36.321. This function requires that he values in table to be monotonic, either increasing or decreasing. The returned value is not less than 0, nor greater than n-1, where n is the size of table.
......@@ -412,7 +412,12 @@ PRACH_RESOURCES_t *ue_get_rach(module_id_t module_idP,int CC_id,frame_t frameP,
(char *)&ulsch_buff[0]);
LOG_D(MAC,"[UE %d] TX Got %d bytes for DCCH\n",module_idP,sdu_lengths[0]);
update_bsr(module_idP, frameP, eNB_indexP,DCCH,UE_mac_inst[module_idP].scheduling_info.LCGID[DCCH]);
update_bsr(module_idP, frameP, subframeP,eNB_indexP);
UE_mac_inst[module_idP].scheduling_info.BSR[UE_mac_inst[module_idP].scheduling_info.LCGID[DCCH]] =
locate_BsrIndexByBufferSize(BSR_TABLE, BSR_TABLE_SIZE, UE_mac_inst[module_idP].scheduling_info.BSR_bytes[UE_mac_inst[module_idP].scheduling_info.LCGID[DCCH]]);
//TO DO: fill BSR infos in UL TBS
//header_len +=2;
UE_mac_inst[module_idP].RA_active = 1;
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