Commit 723510f6 authored by Gabriel's avatar Gabriel
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Remove LOG_I

parent c935da64
......@@ -449,7 +449,6 @@ static void *UE_thread_synch(void *arg)
// rerun with new cell parameters and frequency-offset
for (i=0;i<openair0_cfg[UE->rf_map.card].rx_num_channels;i++) {
openair0_cfg[UE->rf_map.card].rx_gain[UE->rf_map.chain+i] = UE->rx_total_gain_dB;//-USRP_GAIN_OFFSET;
LOG_I(PHY,"freq_offset %d\n",freq_offset);
if (freq_offset >= 0)
openair0_cfg[UE->rf_map.card].rx_freq[UE->rf_map.chain+i] += UE->common_vars.freq_offset;
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