Commit 80f47817 authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux
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fix: warn if no PDSCH active

I doubt the case should happen. If it does, let's print an
error, will ease debugging.
parent a75cfd90
......@@ -163,6 +163,10 @@ int rx_pdsch(PHY_VARS_UE *ue,
dlsch1_harq = NULL;
codeword_TB0 = -1;
else {
LOG_E(PHY,"[UE][FATAL] Frame %d subframe %d: no active DLSCH\n",ue->proc.proc_rxtx[0].frame_rx,subframe);
beamforming_mode = ue->transmission_mode[eNB_id]<7?0:ue->transmission_mode[eNB_id];
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