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Sebastian Held patches15/0040-fix-compiler-warnings.patch

git-svn-id: 818b1a75-f10b-46b9-bf7c-635c3b92a50f
parent 644654a5
......@@ -63,12 +63,12 @@ void lte_sync_timefreq(PHY_VARS_UE *ue,int band,unsigned int DL_freq)
__m128i tmp_t[256/4];
int32_t *rxp;
int16_t *sp;
__m128i *sp2;
__m128i *sp2 = NULL;
__m128i s;
int re,re256;
__m128i mmtmp00,mmtmp01,mmtmp02,mmtmp10,mmtmp11,mmtmp12;
int maxcorr[3],minamp,pos=0,pssind;
int16_t *pss6144_0,*pss6144_1,*pss6144_2;
int16_t *pss6144_0 = NULL, *pss6144_1 = NULL, *pss6144_2 = NULL;
/* char fname[100],vname[100];*/
......@@ -655,7 +655,8 @@ int schedule_MBMS(module_id_t module_idP, uint8_t CC_id, frame_t frameP, sub_fra
return 0;
MCH_PDU *get_mch_sdu(uint8_t module_idP, uint8_t CC_id, uint32_t frameP, sub_frame_t subframeP)
MCH_PDU *get_mch_sdu(module_id_t module_idP, int CC_id, frame_t frameP, sub_frame_t subframeP)
// eNB_mac_inst[module_idP].MCH_pdu.mcs=0;
//LOG_D(MAC," MCH_pdu.mcs is %d\n", eNB_mac_inst[module_idP].MCH_pdu.mcs);
......@@ -633,13 +633,13 @@ void schedule_ulsch_rnti(module_id_t module_idP,
uint8_t status = 0;
uint8_t rb_table_index = -1;
uint16_t TBS,i;
uint16_t TBS = 0,i;
int32_t buffer_occupancy=0;
uint32_t cqi_req,cshift,ndi,mcs,rballoc,tpc;
int32_t normalized_rx_power, target_rx_power=-90;
static int32_t tpc_accumulated=0;
int n,CC_id;
int n,CC_id = 0;
eNB_MAC_INST *eNB=&eNB_mac_inst[module_idP];
UE_list_t *UE_list=&eNB->UE_list;
UE_TEMPLATE *UE_template;
......@@ -382,7 +382,7 @@ void dlsch_scheduler_pre_processor (module_id_t Mod_id,
uint16_t nb_rbs_required_remaining[MAX_NUM_CCs][NUMBER_OF_UE_MAX];
uint16_t nb_rbs_required_remaining_1[MAX_NUM_CCs][NUMBER_OF_UE_MAX];
uint16_t i1,i2,i3,r1=0;
uint16_t average_rbs_per_user[MAX_NUM_CCs];
uint16_t average_rbs_per_user[MAX_NUM_CCs] = {0};
rnti_t rnti,rnti1,rnti2;
LTE_eNB_UE_stats *eNB_UE_stats1 = NULL;
LTE_eNB_UE_stats *eNB_UE_stats2 = NULL;
......@@ -293,7 +293,7 @@ uint8_t *get_dlsch_sdu(module_id_t module_idP,int CC_id,frame_t frameP,rnti_t rn
@param mcs Pointer to mcs used by PHY (to be filled by MAC)
@returns Pointer to MCH transport block and mcs for subframe
MCH_PDU *get_mch_sdu(uint8_t Mod_id,uint8_t CC_id, uint32_t frame,sub_frame_t subframe);
MCH_PDU *get_mch_sdu( module_id_t Mod_id, int CC_id, frame_t frame, sub_frame_t subframe);
//added for ALU icic purpose
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