Commit f24068c2 authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux
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remove annoying and misleading error message

People are complaining on the mailing list about this.
It's not an error to receive a retransmission.
parent 3bf8768d
......@@ -1270,12 +1270,6 @@ int generate_eNB_dlsch_params_from_dci(int frame,
dlsch0_harq->TBS = TBStable[get_I_TBS(dlsch0_harq->mcs)][NPRB-1];
LOG_E(PHY,"DL Received HarqReTx round=%d mcs=%d rballoc=%d rv=%d \n",
dlsch[0]->current_harq_pid = harq_pid;
dlsch[0]->harq_ids[subframe] = harq_pid;
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