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    • Cédric Roux's avatar
      T: improve to_vcd tracer · 5b17b036
      Cédric Roux authored
      Make it compatible with 'template' gtwave files as found in openair's
      The type VCD_NAME was added to the VCD IDs in T_messages.txt.
      The database processing code was adapted to use it.
      The tracer to_vcd was adapted to use it and render the produced vcd
      output compatible with the 'template' gtkwave files.
      When running to_vcd, do not forget to pass -vcd to use this feature.
    • Cédric Roux's avatar
      T: add a 'multi' tracer · fdd4366d
      Cédric Roux authored
      This tracer allows the connection of several tracers to one tracee.
      To use the multi tracer:
      - run the tracee as usual, eg. ./lte-softmodem -O xxxx.conf --T_stdout 0
      - run the multi tracer: ./multi -d ../T_messages.txt
      - connect other tracers to the multi tracer:
         - ./enb -d ../T_messages.txt -p 2022
         - ./textlog -d ../T_messages.txt -p 2022
         - etc.
      By default the multi tracer connects to the tracee to the port 2021,
      as for any other tracer.
      Then it accepts connections from other tracers on the port 2022.
      This can be changed with parameters on the command line.
      The tracee and the other tracers can be stopped/started at any time.
    • Cédric Roux's avatar
      T: bugfix and cleanup · eb3b87d9
      Cédric Roux authored
      - bug fixed in ue and enb tracer: the socket needs to be closed
        in case of restart
      - cleanup: fix spacing in T_messages.txt
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