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The source code of openairinterface5g is distributed under OAI Public License V1.0. 
For more details of the license, refer to LICENSE file in the same directory.

However, the source code also contains third party software that is acknowledged here for reference.

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Credits for LFDS user space source code located in folder openair2/UTILS/LFDS/liblfds6.1.1/
Extract from
"There is no license. You are free to use this software in any way, for any purpose. Go forth and create wealth!
If however for legal reasons a licence is required, the license of your choice will be granted."

Credits for source code common/utils/collection/queue.h:
The Regents of the University of California: BSD 3-Clause Licence.

Credits for source code common/utils/collection/tree.h:
Niels Provos <>: BSD 2-Clause Licence.