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Commit ad6d0ac5 authored by Gabriel's avatar Gabriel Committed by Cedric Roux

bug fixes from Fujitsu (bug 37)

bug 37

Sending side is as follows.
rar[3] = (((mcs&0x7)<<5)) | ((TPC&7)<<2) | ((ULdelay&1)<<1) | (cqireq&1);
So, 2 bit shift looks correct.

Bug Location:
ulsch->harq_processes[harq_pid]->TPC = (rar[3]>>3)&7;//rar->TPC;

parent 893f36e8
......@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@ int generate_ue_ulsch_params_from_rar(PHY_VARS_UE *ue,
ulsch->harq_processes[harq_pid]->TPC = (rar[3]>>3)&7;//rar->TPC;
ulsch->harq_processes[harq_pid]->TPC = (rar[3]>>2)&7;//rar->TPC;
rballoc = (((uint16_t)(rar[1]&7))<<7)|(rar[2]>>1);
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