[GITLAB] - UPGRADE TO v12 on Wednesday the 18th of December at 11.30AM

Commit af489a78 authored by knopp's avatar knopp

addition of asynchronous RX threads and inter CC synchronization

parent 10ba1c00
......@@ -165,6 +165,12 @@ typedef enum {
NGFI_RCC_IF4 // NGFI_RCC (NGFI radio cloud center, currently split at common - ue_specific interface, IF4)
} eNB_func_t;
typedef enum {
synch_to_ext_device=0, // synch to RF or Ethernet device
synch_to_other // synch to another source (timer, other CC_id)
} eNB_timing_t;
typedef struct UE_SCAN_INFO_s {
/// 10 best amplitudes (linear) for each pss signals
int32_t amp[3][10];
......@@ -211,7 +217,7 @@ typedef struct {
struct sched_param sched_param_rxtx;
} eNB_rxtx_proc_t;
/// Context data structure for eNB subframe processing
typedef struct {
typedef struct eNB_proc_t_s {
/// Component Carrier index
uint8_t CC_id;
/// thread index
......@@ -226,29 +232,46 @@ typedef struct {
int frame_rx;
/// frame to act upon for PRACH
int frame_prach;
/// \brief Instance count for FH processing thread.
/// \internal This variable is protected by \ref mutex_FH.
int instance_cnt_FH;
/// \brief Instance count for rx processing thread.
/// \internal This variable is protected by \ref mutex_prach.
int instance_cnt_prach;
/// pthread structure for rx processing thread
pthread_t pthread_rx;
/// pthread structure for FH processing thread
pthread_t pthread_FH;
/// pthread structure for asychronous RX processing thread
pthread_t pthread_asynch_rx;
/// flag to indicate first RX acquisition
int first_rx;
/// pthread attributes for rx processing thread
pthread_attr_t attr_rx;
/// pthread attributes for FH processing thread
pthread_attr_t attr_FH;
/// pthread attributes for prach processing thread
pthread_attr_t attr_prach;
/// scheduling parameters for rx thread
struct sched_param sched_param_rx;
/// pthread attributes for asynchronous RX thread
pthread_attr_t attr_asynch_rx;
/// scheduling parameters for FH thread
struct sched_param sched_param_FH;
/// scheduling parameters for prach thread
struct sched_param sched_param_prach;
/// condition variable for prach processing thread
/// scheduling parameters for asynch_rx thread
struct sched_param sched_param_asynch_rx;
/// condition variable for FH thread
pthread_t pthread_prach;
/// condition variable for rx processing thread;
/// condition variable for FH thread
pthread_cond_t cond_FH;
/// condition variable for PRACH processing thread;
pthread_cond_t cond_prach;
/// mutex for tx processing thread
/// mutex for FH
pthread_mutex_t mutex_FH;
/// mutex for PRACH thread
pthread_mutex_t mutex_prach;
/// set of scheduling variables RXn-TXnp4 threads
eNB_rxtx_proc_t proc_rxtx[2];
/// number of slave threads
int num_slaves;
/// array of pointers to slaves
struct eNB_proc_t_s **slave_proc;
} eNB_proc_t;
......@@ -311,6 +334,7 @@ typedef struct PHY_VARS_eNB_s {
uint8_t CC_id;
eNB_proc_t proc;
eNB_func_t node_function;
eNB_timing_t node_timing;
uint8_t local_flag;
uint32_t rx_total_gain_dB;
LTE_DL_FRAME_PARMS frame_parms;
......@@ -456,11 +480,6 @@ typedef struct PHY_VARS_eNB_s {
time_stats_t phy_proc;
time_stats_t phy_proc_tx;
time_stats_t phy_proc_rx;
time_stats_t phy_proc_sf[10]; // for each subframe
time_stats_t phy_proc_tx_sf[10];
time_stats_t phy_proc_rx_sf[10];
time_stats_t rx_prach;
time_stats_t ofdm_mod_stats;
......@@ -505,11 +524,6 @@ typedef struct PHY_VARS_eNB_s {
int32_t pusch_stats_mcs[NUMBER_OF_UE_MAX][10240];
int32_t pusch_stats_bsr[NUMBER_OF_UE_MAX][10240];
int32_t pusch_stats_BO[NUMBER_OF_UE_MAX][10240];
hash_table_t *ral_thresholds_timed;
SLIST_HEAD(ral_thresholds_gen_poll_enb_s, ral_threshold_phy_t) ral_thresholds_gen_polled[RAL_LINK_PARAM_GEN_MAX];
SLIST_HEAD(ral_thresholds_lte_poll_enb_s, ral_threshold_phy_t) ral_thresholds_lte_polled[RAL_LINK_PARAM_LTE_MAX];
/// RF and Interface devices per CC
openair0_device rfdevice;
......@@ -520,13 +534,6 @@ typedef struct PHY_VARS_eNB_s {
#define debug_msg if (((mac_xface->frame%100) == 0) || (mac_xface->frame < 50)) msg
//#define debug_msg msg
typedef enum {
} rx_gain_t;
/// Top-level PHY Data Structure for UE
typedef struct {
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -1166,17 +1166,6 @@ void init_ocm(void)
LOG_D(OCM,"Initializing channel (%s, %d) from eNB %d to UE %d\n", oai_emulation.environment_system_config.fading.small_scale.selected_option,
map_str_to_int(small_scale_names,oai_emulation.environment_system_config.fading.small_scale.selected_option), eNB_id, UE_id);
/* if (oai_emulation.info.transmission_mode == 5)
eNB2UE[eNB_id][UE_id] = new_channel_desc_scm(PHY_vars_eNB_g[eNB_id]->frame_parms.nb_antennas_tx,
(UE_id == 0)? Rice1_corr : Rice1_anticorr,
eNB2UE[eNB_id][UE_id][CC_id] =
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