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......@@ -22,3 +22,21 @@ To launch the compilation of the project, just click on the file:
Then go to your search browser, and copy this URL:
- http://localhost:8080/
## Functioning of the website
First of all when you arrive on the web site, you will be able to drag and drop an audio file of this form 'LA_E_*********.flac'. If you do not have a file like that you can find it here: [evaluation files](/config/LA/ASVspoof2019_LA_evalO\flac).
After that you just have to click on the button to start the analysis.
## Display of results
After starting the analysis, you have to wait about 20 seconds before you get to the results page.
On this page, a graph is displayed with two curves and the score of the analyzed file (in the form of points).
Just below this graph, a sentence is displayed to tell you that your file is bonafide or spoof, as well as its precise score.
## Download of results
The download is automatic to find your analyses, you can go to this folder: [repository result](public/results).
The recorded images are the graphs, and the names assigned to the analyses are the names of the audio files and their scores.
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