Commit 30ae27b6 authored by Lev Walkin's avatar Lev Walkin
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C++ keywords added to a no-no list

parent 0e90aa04
......@@ -9,14 +9,20 @@
* ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (C99), A.1.2
static char *res_kwd[] = {
"const", "auto", "register", "volatile", "restrict", "extern",
"static", "inline",
"signed", "unsigned",
"void", "char", "short", "int", "long", "float", "double",
"enum", "union", "struct", "typedef", "class",
"switch", "case", "default", "break", "continue",
"if", "else", "do", "for", "while", "goto",
"sizeof", "return"
"auto", "break", "case", "char", "const", "continue", "default",
"do", "double", "else", "enum", "extern", "float", "for", "goto",
"if", "inline", "int", "long", "register", "restrict", "return",
"short", "signed", "sizeof", "static", "struct", "switch", "typedef",
"union", "unsigned", "void", "volatile", "while",
"_Bool", "_Complex", "_Imaginary",
/* C++ */
"explicit", "bool", "mutable",
"template", "typeid", "typename", "and", "and_eq",
"or", "or_eq", "xor", "xor_eq", "not", "not_eq",
"bitor", "compl", "bitand",
"const_cast", "dynamic_cast", "reinterpret_cast",
"static_cast", "true", "false", "namespace", "using",
"throw", "try", "catch"
static int
reserved_keyword(const char *str) {
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