Commit 3fb778e7 authored by Lev Walkin's avatar Lev Walkin
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second sequence production extensibility fix

parent 53e93a18
0.9.22: 2006-Nov-24
0.9.22: 2007-Jun-23
* Added -pdu=all and -pdu=<type> switches to asn1c.
* Added PER support for most known-multiplier string types:
......@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@
(Severity: low; Security impact: none).
* Memory leak fixed in SET OF / SEQUENCE OF when wrong encoding
is encountered. (Severity: medium; Security impact: low)
* Fixed extensibility handling of second SEQUENCE production.
(Severity: low; Security impact: none)
0.9.21: 2006-Sep-17
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