Commit 4691a877 authored by Lev Walkin's avatar Lev Walkin
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version bump in ChangeLog

parent f7982283
0.9.23: 2012-Sep-01
0.9.24: 2013-Mar-16
* GeneralizedTime fix for working with time offsets which are not
representable in whole hours. (Severity: low; Security impact: low)
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
* ENUMERATED extension values check relaxed. Reported by Gabriel Burca.
* Fixed decimal decoding of REAL values in -fnative-types mode
(Severity: medium; Security impact: medium)
* Removed webcgi subproject (introduced in 2004) as inconsequential.
* Removed webcgi subproject (introduced in 2004) as useless.
0.9.22: 2008-Nov-19
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