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0.9.21: 2006-Sep-08
0.9.21: 2006-Sep-17
* skeletons/standard-modules directory is now used for standard types.
* Fixed class field access problem (Test case 98)
......@@ -11,6 +11,9 @@
* asn-decoder-template.c renamed into converter-sample.c
* MEGACO (Media Gateway Control Protocol) decoder sample added.
* First release of PER encoder (does not encode SETs yet).
* Added a sample LDAP decoder (./examples/sample.source.LDAP3).
* Added a sample 3GPP RRC decoder (./examples/sample.source.RRC).
* Added a sample MEGACO (H.248.1) decoder (sample.source.MEGACO).
0.9.20: 2006-Mar-06
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