Commit f6ac3c8b authored by Lev Walkin's avatar Lev Walkin
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DEFAULT Value parsing and pretty-printing. constraints and tags checking/fixing code fixes

parent 9c974183
......@@ -10,6 +10,11 @@
* Added converters between any generic type and the ANY type.
* Parser fixed: Information Object Class fields may be taged.
* Parser fixed: tagged types inside SEQUENCE OF/SET OF support.
* Improved DEFAULT Value parsing and pretty-printing.
* Condition on distinct tags checker was incorrectly dealing with
tagged CHOICE types. Fixed. Modified tests/37-indirect-choice-OK.asn1
* Fixed constraint checking code incorrectly dealing with imported
types with constraint values defined in other modules.
* Real REAL support! (Haven't tested denormals support yet!)
See skeletons/tests/check-REAL.c
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