Commit 0061daeb authored by Thomas Laurent's avatar Thomas Laurent
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some warnings

parent 7368e4bf
......@@ -113,7 +113,6 @@ static int DEFENBS[] = {0};
extern volatile int oai_exit;
extern void nr_phy_init_RU(RU_t *);
extern void nr_phy_free_RU(RU_t *);
extern void nr_phy_config_request(NR_PHY_Config_t *gNB);
......@@ -42,6 +42,9 @@ void nr_init_feptx_thread(RU_t *ru);
void nr_feptx_ofdm(RU_t *ru);
void nr_feptx_ofdm_2thread(RU_t *ru);
void nr_feptx0(RU_t *ru,int first_symbol, int num_symbols);
void fep_full(RU_t *ru);
void feptx_prec(RU_t *ru);
int nr_phy_init_RU(RU_t *ru);
void nr_configure_css_dci_initial(nfapi_nr_dl_config_pdcch_parameters_rel15_t* pdcch_params,
nr_scs_e scs_common,
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