Commit 10674d9b authored by Florian Kaltenberger's avatar Florian Kaltenberger
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fixing PDSCH RB offset at gNB

parent 1fcd5aaa
...@@ -308,16 +308,13 @@ for (int i=0; i<n_dmrs>>4; i++) { ...@@ -308,16 +308,13 @@ for (int i=0; i<n_dmrs>>4; i++) {
// Non interleaved VRB to PRB mapping // Non interleaved VRB to PRB mapping
uint16_t start_sc = frame_parms.first_carrier_offset + frame_parms.ssb_start_subcarrier; uint16_t start_sc = frame_parms.first_carrier_offset + rel15->start_prb*NR_NB_SC_PER_RB;
if (start_sc >= frame_parms.ofdm_symbol_size) if (start_sc >= frame_parms.ofdm_symbol_size)
start_sc -= frame_parms.ofdm_symbol_size; start_sc -= frame_parms.ofdm_symbol_size;
/*rel15->start_prb*NR_NB_SC_PER_RB +
((pdcch_params.search_space_type == NFAPI_NR_SEARCH_SPACE_TYPE_COMMON) && (pdcch_params.dci_format == NFAPI_NR_DL_DCI_FORMAT_1_0))?\
((frame_parms.ssb_start_subcarrier/NR_NB_SC_PER_RB + pdcch_params.rb_offset)*NR_NB_SC_PER_RB) : 0;*/
printf("PDSCH resource mapping started (start SC %d\tstart symbol %d\tN_PRB %d\tnb_symbols %d)\n", printf("PDSCH resource mapping started (start SC %d\tstart symbol %d\tN_PRB %d\tnb_symbols %d)\n",
start_sc, rel15->start_symbol, rel15->n_prb, rel15->nb_symbols); start_sc, rel15->start_symbol, rel15->n_prb, rel15->nb_symbols);
#endif #endif
for (int ap=0; ap<rel15->nb_layers; ap++) { for (int ap=0; ap<rel15->nb_layers; ap++) {
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