Commit 38501eb2 authored by hongzhi wang's avatar hongzhi wang
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ue minor changes for init

parent 4bcc4951
......@@ -658,7 +658,7 @@ int init_nr_ue_signal(PHY_VARS_NR_UE *ue,
printf("Initializing UE vars (abstraction %"PRIu8") for eNB TXant %"PRIu8", UE RXant %"PRIu8"\n",abstraction_flag,fp->nb_antennas_tx,fp->nb_antennas_rx);
//LOG_D(PHY,"[MSC_NEW][FRAME 00000][PHY_UE][MOD %02u][]\n", ue->Mod_id+NB_eNB_INST);
// many memory allocation sizes are hard coded
......@@ -1001,7 +1001,7 @@ int main( int argc, char **argv ) {
printf("after init frame_parms %d\n",frame_parms[CC_id]->ofdm_symbol_size);
// phy_init_top(frame_parms[CC_id]);
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