Commit b11f6b07 authored by Bi-Ruei, Chiu's avatar Bi-Ruei, Chiu
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Update asn1c commit to solve three issues

1. Fix code generated from ASN.1 of F1AP v15.4.0 failed to be compiled
2. Fix incorrect UPER encoding for empty extensible SEQUENCE in 38.331
3. Fix the problem that duplicate type names exist in OPEN TYPE
parent 2da6fb8e
......@@ -683,7 +683,7 @@ install_asn1c_from_source(){
# better to use a given commit than a branch in case the branch
# is updated and requires modifications in the source of OAI
#git checkout velichkov_s1ap_plus_option_group
git checkout d3aed06bb2bec7df1b5c6d0333f8c7dfc5993372
git checkout f12568d617dbf48497588f8e227d70388fa217c9
autoreconf -iv
make -j`nproc`
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