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# General
This is a RF simulator that allows to test OAI without a RF board.
It replaces a actual RF board driver.
As much as possible, it works like a RF board, but not in realtime: it can run faster than realtime if there is enough CPU or slower (it is CPU bound instead of real time RF sampling bound)
# build
## From [build_oai](../../../doc/ script
The RF simulator is implemented as an oai device and is always build when you build the oai eNB or the oai UE.
......@@ -119,5 +119,5 @@ new_channel_desc_scm(bridge->tx_num_channels,bridge->rx_num_channels,
Only the input noise can be changed on command line with -s parameter.
With path loss = 0 set "-s 5" to see a little noise. -s is a shortcut to `channelmod.s`. It is expected to enhance the channel modedelization flexibility via the addition of more parameters in the channelmod section.
# Caveacts
Still issues in power control: txgain, rxgain are not used
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