Commit bc580bd6 authored by knopp's avatar knopp

ENDC: Correction at processing Addition request information

parent 96006201
......@@ -300,24 +300,21 @@ char openair_rrc_gNB_configuration(const module_id_t gnb_mod_idP, gNB_RrcConfigu
void rrc_gNB_process_AdditionRequestInformation(const module_id_t gnb_mod_idP, x2ap_ENDC_sgnb_addition_req_t *m) {
FILE *fd;
fd = fopen("uecap.raw","r");
if (fd != NULL) {
char buffer[4096];
int msg_len=fread(buffer,1,4096,fd);
/*LOG_I(RRC,"Read in %d bytes for uecap\n",msg_len);*/
LTE_UL_DCCH_Message_t *LTE_UL_DCCH_Message;
LTE_UL_DCCH_Message_t *LTE_UL_DCCH_Message = NULL;
asn_dec_rval_t dec_rval = uper_decode_complete( NULL,
(void **)&LTE_UL_DCCH_Message,
(uint8_t *)m->rrc_buffer,
(int) m->rrc_buffer_size);//m->rrc_buffer_size);
/* asn_dec_rval_t dec_rval = uper_decode( NULL,
(void **)&LTE_UL_DCCH_Message,
(uint8_t *)m->rrc_buffer,
(int) m->rrc_buffer_size, 0, 0);//m->rrc_buffer_size);
gNB_RRC_INST *rrc=RC.nrrrc[gnb_mod_idP];
if ((dec_rval.code != RC_OK) && (dec_rval.consumed == 0)) {
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