Commit dd760540 authored by Cedric Roux's avatar Cedric Roux

hacks for NR

- send RRC Connection Reconfiguration with dummy ENDC data by doing:
  telnet localhost 9001
  and press enter when the ENDC UE is connected to the eNB to send it
parent ff379fe0
......@@ -1568,6 +1568,7 @@ set(L2_SRC
# ${RRC_DIR}/rrc_UE.c
......@@ -9121,11 +9121,20 @@ rrc_enb_task(
void rrc_endc_hack_init(void);
LOG_I(RRC,"Entering main loop of RRC message task\n");
while (1) {
(void) rrc_enb_process_itti_msg(NULL);
extern volatile int go_nr;
void rrc_go_nr(void);
if (go_nr) rrc_go_nr();
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